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We added rich chocolate to our signature nugget recipe - consider it a glimpse of Mrs. Dunster’s dark side.

Chocolate Crunch

Our chocolate nugget intensified with a coating of chocolate cookie crumbs, coconut, and cinnamon.


Crunchy and sweet with a cinnamon kick - it's the nugget that bites back.


A light chocolate nugget coated in powdered sugar and a whole lot of coconut!


Who says nuggets need to be smothered in icing and sprinkles? Our plain nuggets are so good they don’t need dressing up.


We gave our plain nuggets a sweet upgrade. Our sugar nuggets are the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Whole Wheat

Made with whole wheat flour and sprinkled with cinnamon-sugar. The perfect partner for an afternoon cup of tea.

Mrs. Dunster would have wanted you to satisfy your donut craving without spoiling your dinner, and that's why we came up with nuggets. Made with the same recipe as our donuts, our nuggets might be small, but they're packed with rich, homemade flavour. A bag is perfect for sharing.