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The Dunster Story

Mrs. Dunster's story dates back to the 1960s in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Ingrid Dunster was famous around the neighbourhood for her delicious homemade donuts. She prepared these with great care and attention on the stovetop in her small kitchen. Her husband, Harold, a true Entrepreneur, suggested that she sell her donuts to some of the local area stores. Little did the Dunsters know that what started out as a small hobby-turned-venture, intended to simply add a few extra dollars to the household income, would become a full-time business.

Demand continued to grow for Mrs. Dunster's donuts, so much so that operations were moved from the Dunster family kitchen to their own business space. Soon, the donuts were being distributed to other communities, then other provinces, gaining new fans everywhere they went.

Decades later Mrs. Dunster's is still going strong in Sussex, New Brunswick. Mrs. Dunster's is now locally owned and operated by the Hyslop Family, purchased by Blair and Rosalyn Hyslop in June 2014. Mrs. Dunster's sells donuts and other baked goods across the Maritime provinces and New England. And while the business may have grown over the years, the products produced by Mrs. Dunster's in Sussex still carry that homemade taste - the same way Mrs. Dunster would have made them.

The Hyslop Family