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"I started buying your donuts from Harold [Dunster] many years ago. He was our delivery man for either milk or bread, I can't remember which. One day he came with the donuts that he thought his customers might like. My family have always loved them and still do. We make a trip to Sussex once in a while to buy some of those delicious pies. My favourite is coconut cream."

"I have been buying Mrs.Dunsters Donuts for years, so good. My husband was going to his mother's for a visit and I asked him to pick me up a few cookies. She is also a great cook. My husband returned with three huge ginger snaps stating they weren't homemade. I thought to myself, "They look good!" Well to my surprise they tasted homemade. Actually the BEST GINGER SNAPS I ever tasted, as good as homemade, if not better. I called my mother-in-law and asked all about them. She filled me in that when she runs out of cookies she buys these cookies and the small donuts made by Mrs. Dunster's. I will be buying them also."

"I live in Maine (York County). I find my Mrs. Dunsters donuts at Wal Mart. My favorite are the Chocolate Sugar Nuggets, 5 every night with a cup of hot chocolate. They are just like the ones my favorite Auntie Bev made every morning at 4am. "

"Living in Petawawa/Pembroke Ontario area and missing those chocolate crunch donuts. I was born and brought up in Moncton NB. My brother and I used to drop in to John Boy Irving's Gas Bar on weekends during the school year to grab a flavoured java and Dunsters Donuts before embarking on the day's outdoor chores (home or elsewhere) and that tradition continued as I grew up. Still wonder if the new Big Stop in Salisbury has the same set up. Every time I'm in the maritimes I look for the same set up to bring back memories... and if none in a jar, I'd buy a bag. My wife is now hooked on them so a friend of hers is picking some up for us on the way back from New Brunswick."

"When I was a kid we would visit my Grandmother in Moncton. We would always love to see her. In the back of our minds was when 'Nanny Murphy' would break out the big donuts with no holes. We didn't know the name or brand, we just devoured the delicious cake like treats. One of my favorite memories of my summer vacations. Thanks."

"Always have Mrs. Dunster's crescents on hand to start the day! A long time favorite. Keep up the good work!"

"I love your donuts. When I'm in Maine I get several bags. One time I purchased a bag of Crescents in Bangor to munch on for my trip to Pennsylvania. They were gone before I hit Augusta."

"I'm from Michigan, but every summer as a child, I would visit my grandparents at their cottage in Ocean Point, Maine. They would always have an ample supply of Mrs. Dunster's chocolate sugared donut holes available for breakfast. As an adult, I've never been able to find donut holes that taste as good as these. I'm thrilled to see that I can still find them in the store whenever I visit and enjoy them with my children. With my grandparents being passed for many years now, your donut holes spark good memories of them. Thanks for making a product that's been able to withstand the test of time!"

"We are originally from Maine and our son is in the Marines and deployed in Afghanistan, when I ask him what he would like for us to mail all he wants is Mrs. Dunsters Donuts. My sister who lives in Maine is gracious enough to mail him some which he LOVES. Your donuts are world famous."

"LOVE your donuts. Every summer we would visit our grandparents in New Brunswick. My grandmother would serve Dunster’s donuts warmed in the oven, they were amazing, soft and warm in the middle and crispy on the outside. Awesome!"

"Traveling through Northern Maine with my daughter she has fallen in love with Mrs. Dunster’s doughnuts… needless to say we will be stocking up before heading back to NY….DEEEELISH!!!"

"I live in Ottawa, Ontario with my grandma who’s from Williamsbug, New Brunswick, and oh my gosh I love your donuts. Every time my family comes up from Maine they bring shopping bags full of them. I tell everyone about how good your donuts are."

"I am writing to you about Mrs. Dunster’s donuts. I have a friend who lives in New Brunswick and she brings them all the time. She sent her mother a couple of bags for Christmas. They are just out of this world! They are so good. The best I have ever tasted. Just wanted to let you folks know they are the best!"

"I make doughnuts nearly every week when the weather is cool or cold – but from June to September, the deep fryer goes into hiding. I think I can correctly say that my white and molasses doughnuts are close to yours in texture and taste. However, your chocolate ones are what I remember my mother making. I cannot seem to make them with the same texture and consistency as yours and hers.

Thank you again for your wonderful, delicious products."

"This last February 25/03 my son and I went on a scouting outing in Petitcodiac. We went sliding. My son is a cub scout. They had a tent set up outside called a warming hut. They were serving warm drinks to the sledders. They were also serving this type of donut – they were crescents. I though these donuts are homemade. They are delicious. I thought I have to get the recipe.

Then later that next week I went to Co-op in Shediac and noticed this same bag of donuts. They were exactly the same. I just wanted to say that those were the best donuts I have ever eaten. Now I’m so glad that when I go to get groceries they are always available. Thank you!"

"I want to commend you on your excellent product – Mrs. Dunster’s donuts. I became acquainted with your whole wheat donuts when I lived in New Brunswick from 1980-1989. When I moved west (from where I came) I kept hoping that you would expand your products farther west but that didn’t happen."

Fortunately, I was able to take a trip back to New Brunswick at the end of last month. One of my main goals was to taste your donuts again. I was not disappointed. They are as excellent as I remembered. I saw that now you have a crunchy donut as well.

Your whole wheat donuts are my all-time favorites but the crunchy donuts come a close second.

I just wanted you to know how much I like them."

"Just to let you know we are crazy about your donuts. We are a family of six and this is the only kind we buy. Keep up the good work."

"I live in Wiscasset, and do all our shopping in Shaw’s. Wanted to tell you how wonderful your donuts are (as if you didn’t know). We have to hurry and get down to those donuts before they are all gone! We especially love the cruller ones – they are great! Keep them coming!"

"I just had to write and tell you how much I enjoy your chocolate sugared nuggets. I’ve been wanting to write you for a long time. I finally took the time. I buy a bag and I can’t leave them alone. I live 27 miles west of Bangor, ME, little town called Sears Port."

Anyway, I just had to take the time to tell you how good your nuggets are. I can’t leave them alone!"

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for making such a wonderful product. In June of this year, I was diagnosed with cancer. I have been through surgery and am now receiving chemotherapy. Your donut crescents have helped me through my days when I have not been feeling well. They have been the only item that I have eaten and wanted on those days and they taste so good. They are always fresh and the taste is never altered, I had tried eating [other brands] but you cannot even compare the products. [The other ones] taste like they were just dipped in grease and given to you. The donut crescents are never greasy and they are just great.

Thank you for making such a wonderful product."